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New for September 2022

The great thing about this system, is that the sessions will be available to you as a download. You can also share the sessions with your students if you wish.

Checkout the details.

Sessions on Production Features covering all 6 works.  Recap of Shadows and Within Her Eyes after their sabbatical. Sessions on each Section of the exam paper.  Plus bringing the classroom and studio together and MOST IMPORTANTLY Performance and Choreographic Skills.


March 2022

“Today I had a fantastic 3-hour Artspool GCSE Dance workshop for my students with Sara! I was so impressed with the session and the activities used to help the students remember the content for sections A, B and C of the theory paper. I highly recommend! Such a great revision session ahead of Easter break! Thank You!!”

Michelle Carabache – Head of Dance, Brentwood School

March 2022

“ArtsPool provided our students with an engaging and informative session that not only built their confidence in tackling the GCSE Dance written paper, but also gave them a wealth of really useful revision strategies and techniques to take away with them as they prepared for their upcoming exam. The excellent communication prior to the workshop meant that the session was excellently tailored to the specific needs of our students and the competitive aspects of the workshop meant they thoroughly enjoyed their revision.”

Mrs Jilly Razzell – Head of Performing Arts, Everest Community Academy

We are back!

Face to face to deliver workshops to your students.

A minimum of 3 hours.

You choose exactly what you would like delivered.

Tailored to your needs.

Have you finished performance and choreography?

Ready for the challenge of revision for C2?

This will help – C2 Flashcard revision hub. Quizzes to help test your students knowledge.

Plus, we are extending this years memberhip until June 2023, past the exam in that series. You can register this years cohort, deregister them after the exam and add in your next year’s cohort, ready for 2022/23