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Come and join us for 2 days of CPD. Introducing the GCSE Dance Spec 2016 [AQA]. We will give you an overview of everything. How we combine classroom and studio.

Learn the set phrases with Charis.

Leave feeling confident in the knowledge that you have the ongoing support of ArtsPool Education as you embark on this new adventure.

We’ve been working with Sara Ridley since September and I can highly recommend her. My students are flourishing with her help.”

Alexandra Pink

Dance is again one of the last exams, and losing contact time with your cohort during this important period can have an impact on results. Countdown 30 is designed to keep your students focused on their Dance revision when you need them to revise the most.

This programme gives them around 30 minutes of practice each day for 30 days leading up to the exam. This keeps their revision ticking over so that all of that knowledge stays fresh. Each question has tips and hints for them to use when answering, as well as exemplar answers. Just £1.50 per day for all of the students in your cohort.

We have teamed up with the exceptional team at KaSo Studios to deliver some extraordinary KS3 Schemes of Work. Introducing meaningful and measurable class content that will refresh your KS3 Dance content to engage your students. 

Essay questions - Optional areas of study

Unlock the secrets to mastering essay writing with our comprehensive resource package, because your success depends on more than just knowing the content—it’s about mastering the art of crafting cogent, well-structured arguments that seamlessly connect content to context!

Looking for a way to expand your school?

Have you considered GCSE Dance?

ArtsPool can support and mentor you through.

You work on all the practical elements.

ArtsPool can take on the theory – all online.

We’ve been working with Sara Ridley since September and I can highly recommend her. My students are flourishing with her help.”

Alexandra Pink – Acton Ballet School

Revision Sessions for students

Easter break – 12.4.24

Covering Sections A and B: tips and tricks. 90 minutes 10-11.30am 

The development of American Jazz dance from the 1930s to 1975 was influenced by a combination of social, economic, and historical events – this is context.

Key figures like Gene Kelly, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, and others played significant roles in shaping this art form and AQA want you to be able to put this into context when writing your essays. In this resource are some of the key events and contributors that impacted American Jazz dance
during this period. Discuss these with your students. 

Assess prior knowledge and the impact or effect the time we live in has on the art we create and therefore the development of a style like American Jazz dance.

The “isms”

An exploration of classicism, romanticism, modernism and
postmodernism as context for American Jazz from 1945 – 1970.

This resource provides context in relation to the ‘isms’, meaning romanticism, classicism, modernism and post modernism. The examiners reports refer to the importance of “context where relevant” being a key factor for missing marks in
the higher bands. Your students, where relevant should be able to put the works they are studying into the context of these art movements (LAO4)

Existing Resources

Previously advertised on this site



There are now 46 courses on our e-learning hub. Great for homework, cover lessons, independent learning and so much more!

  • Stimulus V Choreographic Intent
  • Understanding Lighting
  • More Anthology courses
  • Safe Dance Practice
  • Performance Skills

FREE TRIAL for 7 days – Access to 4 courses. See how it works. Teachers are able to track student’s work, see time spent and give feedback.


2 New Anthology workbooks added for 2023

Shadows and Within Her Eyes

Help your students embed their knowledge



All 6 Anthology works plus:  Own Work & Answering Technique

10 sessions on Zoom through 2023-24 Academic year to support GCSE Dance.

Crammed with tips and tricks to help teachers and students with C2.

LIVE online CPD training for GCSE Dance PAY PER SESSION

Student workshops for 2023/2024 

May be given online or face to face – still at 21/22 price!

3 hour  sessions designed to suit you and your students.

Fun activities to motivate and get students thinking.

Book your session today for 2023/2024!

Travel costs are additional

Accommodation costs maybe incurred depending on your location. 

A Guide to Choreography

NEW FOR 2023

This document is for guidance only. It has tips to introduce choreography to your students.

The diary that accompanies it is yours to tweak and use as you wish – no copyright.

Simply Done!

3 new resources added for 2023

  • Performance Skills
  • Writing about your own performance
  • Writing about your own choreography

They are what they say, simple explanations of what is required.

Are you looking for examples of 12 mark production feature questions?

We have 3 ready and waiting for you. Exemplar answers with comments.

Are you looking for examples of 12 mark similarities and differences questions?

We have 3 exemplars with comments

They include Description, Interpretation, Link to question and Evaluation

We are working hard to launch new resources for both KS3 and A Level from January 2024

We are compiling new Email address books for both of these. If you would like to be added, please send an email to stating which one!

If you run your own dance school, think about adding GCSE Dance to your curriculum.

5 Dance Schools have already signed up for Setpember 2023

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