Brand new Curriculum for 2024

ArtsPool Education have teamed up with KaSo Studios

To bring a meaningful and measurable KS3 Dance class content

The Problem

Some want to dance, others just don’t

The Solution

ArtsPool resources to help teach KS3 dance

Help your school to re-invigorate their dance offering.

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How many times have you rolled out the same worksheet when a student is excused practical work at KS3? How useful is the work they are doing? How many times are non doers just sat at the back watching, or designing a poster or a costume? How much time do you waste prepping for the unknown and how much paper does it generate?

Well here’s another useful resource that just might make your lives easier and keep your excused students actively involved in your lessons, whilst cutting down your prep time and the forests of paper littering your studio!

Excused ! is designed to be generic and yet it can tie in with almost any of your practical lessons. Simply select the Excused! lesson most pertinent to what you are doing in practical work and off you go! Featuring 15 one off lessons for KS3 non doers . Not forgetting those poor souls who have broken a limb and are excused long term, we have also included full half term schemes to give them a proper project over 6 weeks. And mark schemes are also included – how much time does that save?!

Excused ! Is not your normal run of the mill set of worksheets however! The resource comes with a video folder with performances and choreography to analyse – and there’s no sound so it won’t interfere with your practical work.

Excused ! is written in microsoft word so that all work can be completed on a PC and saved to a student work folder to cut down on unnecessary paperwork, but the lessons are also printable should you not have a PC in your studio. You could also use some of them as cover lessons or homework should you wish. And we are more than happy for you to upload it onto your VLE or school network [as long as this is a private locked down network and not visible to the public].

KS3 Dance Pack

9 Schemes of Learning for Years 7, 8 and 9:

  1. The Retro Social [social dance from 1950s,60s, 70s]
  2. Fairytale
  3. Medieval Realms
  4. Around the World in 80 Days
  5. Heroes & Villains
  6. Chance Dance
  7. The Matrix
  8. Dulce et Decorum Est
  9. Star Wars mini scheme

Download includes:

  • All schemes plus associated studio resources
  • Motifs and music