Please respect our copyright

We know that budgets are tight and we know that there are financial restraints in any school. For this reason we don’t increase the cost of our resources annually and where we can, we reduce them over time. In addition to this, we have moved away from hard copy resources that are expensive to produce, in favour of cheaper, automatic downloads that have a lifetime license. These resources can be used year after year with as many students as you like at no extra cost. Permanently.

However, we also know that having downloadable resources increases the likelihood of some teachers emailing them over to colleagues outside of their school, free of charge. It’s a kind thing to do and born of good intentions, but this damages us. Every time someone does this, ArtsPool loses out. If we allow it to happen without challenging it, eventually the company will close. We don’t want to do that. We want to carry on helping teachers and students do a great job! This goes for uploading our resources onto a public website too. It does happen and we do conduct searches regularly.

The boring “small print”

If we find any of our resources uploaded onto a public website, or shared on social media, we will contact you to remove them and reserve the right to issue a £50 fine per resource to recover lost income.