C2 It! Student Workshop Face to Face

3 hour workshops for 2023 – 24

Price frozen since 2021!

Tailor made to suit your students

Face to Face or online

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Teacher Feedback – 2023

“Sara had such a lovely manner with my students. She put them right at ease with fun brainwakers. They never felt worried about asking questions and she was so knowlegable making insightful points about the different sections of the paper and how to approach questions. Her tasks to help students remember the vast amount of information expected really helped them connect with exam questions. They were engaged and interested throughout and felt enthused about revision moving forward and going into the written exam. It was just what we needed with only a few more weeks to go to help light the theory spark again. 

Beth Butler, Dance Teacher – Leighton Park School  April 2023

“Thank you Sara from ArtsPool for coming to the school to work with my year 11’s. Sara was fantastic with my students and very much catered to their needs.  Sara has given them a boost in confidence ahead of the written exam. Alongside an important kick in motivation in specifically what they need to be revising.  This fantastic written exam workshop has now shaped the revision lessons moving forward with my year 11 cohort, in the run up to the GCSE Dance written exam. Thank you again!”

Steph Adair, Creative Arts Curriculum Team Leader – The Costello School  MAY 2023

Student Feedback – 2023

“I really enjoyed the morning. Sara, she really helped me understand the different sections of the paper and gave me excellent tips for the different styles of questions. I was able to recap  my knowledge of my anthology works with my friends”.  “I found that the workshop with Sara was really instructive and very beneficial for my GCSE dance exam in June.” “I really enjoyed the workshop with Sarah today. She was so helpful in explaining to us on how to achieve the best grade possible for our exam. She gave us great excercises and really made me work hard and effective. I really found it helpful and useful.” “I really enjoyed the workshop. It was incredibly useful and has made me feel more assured of the knowledge. I feel so prepared. Sara was so lovely and helpful. Thank you so much!” “I really enjoyed having Sarah come in to join our dance lesson. She was really enthusiastic and was encouraging when doing different revision activities. I learnt different and deeper facts abou the professional works which work alongside the exam techniques that she showed us. Sarah really helped and is a great teacher.” “Sara was brilliant at clearly delivering new interpretations and revisional activities, making it easy and fun to learn.”


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