LIVE! 2023 – 2024


Pay £30 per one hour session 

Note: When making payment, please ensure you include the session(s) you require and your email address to which we will send the Zoom links

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Dates now confirmed for 2023-24

The great thing about this system, is that the sessions will be available to you as a download. You can also share the sessions with your students if you wish. And, if you miss one, you can still purchase the recording, presentation and notes.

This year’s programme:

Sessions on all types of questions 6 and 12 markers; a Choreography Manual; smaller sections from each work to concentrate on; interpretations and evaluations and, most importantly, the Compare and Contrast questions. We have included 3 sessions each one comparing and contrasting 2 works.

All for only £30 per one hour session!


See what people are saying

It has been beyond helpful and to have access to these videos after the event, as well as written resources is absolutely invaluable.  Thank you so much for the support and guidance, I know that it is hugely appreciated by my students and I.

Thank you for an amazing training programme, and thank you for all your time and effort in creating such a great support network – it has been brilliant!

The benefits have been huge in terms of CPD.  The ability to access training when you are free, in small chunks (our concentration too wanes like the students), that can be referred to accurately after the event, and not relying on rushed badly written personal notes is priceless.

Thank you.

More Details

All you need to know about the sessions


The 10 sessions will run from September 2023 through to May 2024. 

  1. A Choreography Manual
  2. Answering 6-markers
  3. Anthology – which sections? with Interpretation and evaluation.
  4. Answering Production Feature 12 mark questions
  5. C & C A Linha Curva / Shadows
  6. C & C E of E / Artificial Things
  7. C & C Infra / Within Her Eyes
  8. Hypothetical Choreography Section
  9.  The exam paper
  10.  Revision Tips


  1. Thursday 28.9.23 – 7.30pm 
  2. Thursday 2.11.23 – 7.30pm
  3. Thursday 30.11.23 – 7.30pm 
  4. Thursday  14.12.23 7.30pm
  5. Thursday 11.1.24 – 7.30pm
  6. Thursday 1.2.24 – 7.30pm 
  7. Thursday 29.2.24 – 7.30pm 
  8. Thursday 21.3.24 – 7.30pm
  9. Thursday 19.4.24 – 7.30pm
  10. Thursday 16.5.24 – 7.30pm