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Written by Ceris Eveleigh

This is a fantastic resource, very helpful

Thank you

Katrina Lasocki

Dance Teacher, St. Mary's School


Written by Ceris Eveleigh

The development of American Jazz dance from the
1930s to 1975 was influenced by a combination of
social, economic, and historical events – this is
context. Key figures like Gene Kelly, Jerome
Robbins, Bob Fosse, and others played significant
roles in shaping this art form and AQA want you to
be able to put this into context when writing your
essays. In this resource are some of the key events and
contributors that impacted American Jazz dance
during this period. Discuss these with your students.

Assess prior knowledge and the impact or
effect the time we live in has on the art we create
and therefore the development of a style like American Jazz dance.

Written by Ceris Eveleigh

An exploration of classicism, romanticism, modernism and
postmodernism as context for American Jazz from 1945 – 1970.

Included in this resource:
This resource provides context in relation to the ‘isms’, meaning romanticism, classicism, modernism and post modernism.

The examiners reports refer to the importance of “context where
relevant” being a key factor for missing marks in the higher bands.  Students, where relevant should be able to put the works they are studying into the context of these art movements (LAO4)

Existing Resources

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 Excerpts include:

  • Kelly musicals
    Singin’ in the Rain from Singin’ in the Rain.
  • Fosse musicals
    including Rich Man’s Frug from Sweet Charity, Steam Heat from The Pajama Game
  • Robbins musicals
    including Cool from West Side Story, Wedding Dance from Fiddler on the Roof

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