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Before Heather Worrall left for pastures new, she created this amazing Student Workshop Portal.  Featuring filmed, taught, interactive workshops for your students.

It is available through our e-learning hub.


£100 per school for 365 days from subscription. 

1: Shadow & A Linha Curva – Costume. Description and Contributions.
2: Shadows & A Linha Curva – building a 12 mark compare/contrast answer
3: EofE Lighting & Set. Description and Contributions.
4: EofE – building a 12 mark Production Feature answer using lighting and setting.
5: Infra Set – description and contributions
6: An overview of types of lighting, drawing in the Anthology for examples
7: Section B: building a 6 mark answer using Physical Skills
8: Section A interactive activities.

9: Infra & Artificial Things costume- description and contribution
10: Infra & Artificial Things – building a 12 mark compare/contrast answer
11: Artificial Things set
12: Within her Eyes setting
13: Within her Eyes use of camera
14: Aural Setting – whole Anthology overview
15: Section B – building a 6 mark performance answer using mental skills
16: Section B – building a 6 mark choreography answer using action
17: Section A talking mini mock