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Our student workshops are fun, interactive and always catering for the written paper. Whether you want to MBed one of the Anthology works to studio practice or something more tailored to the new C2 written paper, we can help.

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C2 It! Student workshops converting practical learning to written questions.

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Infra MBed. 4 hour practical student workshops drawing out written work from Infra.

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A Learner Curva workshops. Embedding theory into the practical. With Regina Wielingen.

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Thank you so much again for yesterday! My students and I felt incredibly empowered when you left! Thank you so much for filling us with confidence in the new spec! And showing my students how to access the written paper in fun different ways! We will 100% continue using the workshop style games and different ways of helping the students understand how to access the written paper!

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HOD The Costello School

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I can’t tell you how fantastic today was!  I am so pleased with the day and how much the students did and progressed throughout. The format was perfect for my students and I am feeling so excited about the next few weeks with them on the paper. They are feeling so much more confident too!  I thought it was truly brilliant and will be recommending to all my dance friends at other schools!

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HOD Wildern School

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Thank you so much for last Saturday’s workshop.  The students have been saying how brilliant it was and today in our lesson, we were constructing 6 and 12 mark answers with more confidence than I have seen from them in a long time.  They are really putting your strategies to good use.

Many thanks  – it has been a real “game changer” in the run up to the exams

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HOD Hitchin Girls’ School

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Thank you again for the wonderful workshop yesterday.

I have had such a positive response from the class today which

was really lovely to see!

They are all feeling much better about approaching theory tasks now.

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HOD Brentwood Ursuline Catholic School