Our range of resources are written specifically for the new GCSE Dance Specification.

I can’t thank ArtsPool enough for all of the support with the new specification – it has made my job this year so much simpler and I couldn’t be more grateful!
Sarah Viccars. Director of Learning – Creative and Physical Innovations
Epping St John’s School


I love what you do at ArtsPool – thank you for your amazing resources!
Emma Simms. Teacher of Dance 
 Queen’s College London


Thank you for all of your wonderful resources, they have been absolutely amazing for us in rolling out the new spec!


Redbridge School
Thank you so much. Your work for GCSE Dance is wonderful and really helps putting the new spec in order.


Maggie Brittle. Director of Performing and Visual Arts
Townley Grammar School 


NOTICE: 10/9/18:  Please note that all resources and services must be paid for at time of order. We no longer accept purchase orders.

NEW and ready in March 2019. Our new e flashcards are perfect for revision, to ensure that students have everything in order for the written exam. 

NEW and ready in February 2019. Our new Section B Workbook will help your students to build strong answers to questions on their own work. Preparation is key in this section!

NEW and ready in February 2019. STUCK! is a handy set of cue cards to help students when they get stuck with choreography.