The Outstanding Dance Teacher

How many times have you been subjected to the ‘Excellent Lesson DVD’ in a whole school INSET which has no bearing whatsoever on teaching dance?  How many times have you really wanted to go out on CPD only to find that school won’t let you out?

Do you feel that you spend so much time planning, preparing, running rehearsals and shows that you never get the chance to focus on your own teaching skills and how you might improve as a dance teacher?

Do lesson observations and the thought of OFSTED terrify you?! Or are you just starting out? Or maybe mentoring trainees? Or just want to get off the ‘satisfactory’ label and push for the ‘outstanding’!

Well here’s a great resource and this time it’s not a learning tool for students, or a GCSE specific resource. We think its about time we focused on you!

The Outstanding Dance Teacher is a step by step guide to getting it right in the studio. Featuring two of the UK’s top teachers, Ray Oudkerk AST & Chief Examiner for GCSE Dance, and Alison O’Neill, Head of Dance at Herne Bay High School in Kent, we break down a dance lesson into a 4 part structure and guide you through systems and good practice that will help improve learning, motivation and a strong dance ethos. Real Yr 8s and Yr 9s work through lessons on ‘Gangs’ and ‘Resistance’ in chapters covering everything you need to know. Ray teaches the same lesson at three different standards so that you get a clear idea of progression from unsatisfactory, through satisfactory-good to the all important outstanding. This is a 3 disc pack: 2 x DVDs and 1 x CDRom with introduction and narration by Kathy Sexton.

DVD 1 [2hrs] : Chapters: Welcome, Starting the Lesson, The Starter Activity; The Introduction; Warm-Up; Teaching a Technical Phrase; The Composition Task; The Plenary. Also covered: Assessment for Learning; Independent Learning; Studio Management systems; Involvement of non-doers; Task Setting, Differentiation & Inclusion

DVD 2: Our 2 outstanding lessons in their entirety: Ray teaches ‘Resistance’ with Yr 9; Alison teaches ‘Gangs’ with Yr 8

CDR: Schemes of work for both lessons taught with associated task cards and resources; 10 ways to use Assessment For Learning; 10 ways to build Independent Learning; 20 Tips for an Outstanding Lesson; 28 Systems for Effective Studio Management



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