Physical Setting Resource

As used by us in workshops in schools and on Zoom:

Props to demonstrate and use with your students to create all Anthology sets, costumes and lighting.

A Linha Curva / Artificial Things / Emancipation of Expressionism / Infra / Shadows / Within Her Eyes PLEASE ALLOW 14 DAYS FOR DELIVERY Free delivery to UK only. Delivery outside the UK – price on application


  • 1 black stage box, with flooring and attachments for backdrops – 20cm x 15cm x 9cm
  • 4 interchangeable backdrops
  • 24 laminated lighting states
  • 6 settings for Within Her Eyes
  • Stage floor for Artificial Things
  • Laminated pictures of props for Artificial Things and Shadows
  • 26 interchangeable costumes
  • 8 wooden cutouts for use with the interchangeable costumes.

These can be used in a fun way to introduce students to the works and later for revision to embed knowledge.


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