MBed is a DVD and CDR resource which models our holistic approach to delivering the new specification.
AQA have outlined that this course should be delivered  by embedding the Anthology and Component 2 learning into studio practice in order to develop rounded, thinking dancers. MBed demonstrates how to do this perfectly by showing our scheme of learning in practice with Kathryn Sexton and her students at Hayes School.


In just one scheme, students will be able to:
○ perform a short extract from Breathe using correct focus
○ perform 2 motifs from Artificial Things using  correct focus
○ perform duets created in choreography
○ create a motif from the word ‘melt’, linking to Artificial Things
○ create a motif from a painting by Goran Djurovic, linking to Artificial Things
○ develop the motif using direction, dynamics and space
○ identify technical skills from a movement image
○ define strength, core strength, flexibility and balance
○ describe an exercise to improve core strength over time
○ describe 2 motifs from Artificial Things using action, space and dynamics
○ describe the set and costume in Artificial Things
○ explain how the stimulus informs the set and costume design

The DVD features the whole scheme in practice, the CDRom has the scheme to use in your school, all of the powerpoint resources, homework tasks, display resources  and further links.



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