Heads Up 2018

Introducing our online revision programme for the C2 written examination.

1,300 students have used the service so far.

In the UK, UAE and Korea.

Next Series: November 2018


Heads Up is in the same style as Mark Up, but has a different focus in the first year of the specification. Like you, we cannot predict exactly how the new paper will be marked and like you, we only have the specimen mark scheme and the specification to work with at present.

However, what we do have is a unique team with vast experience in marking GCSE Dance style questions, great knowledge of the Anthology and the tools to draw out quality answers from students  – whether its standard description and explanation, comparing and contrasting or discursive answering.

We know the Mark Up model works. We know it improves answers. We know that your students need exam practice. That’s why we’re using a similar model to guide your students in answering thoroughly, succinctly and clearly.

And it has a brand new website with easier navigation !

Fee structure

1 -10 students: £8 per student

11 -20 students: £7 per student

21+ students: £6 per student