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Our next Mark Up series :  9-14 January 2017 SUBS CLOSED


Mark Up is an effective online revision tool that is designed to guide students in answering examination-style questions correctly and thus access the higher marks.

Each day, a new examination-style question is posted online for students to answer and submit for marking until 9.00pm each night.

Each answer is marked and personal feedback sent to students and their teachers. The marking team are all highly experienced Unit 1 examiners, have all marked the written paper and have excellent knowledge of Unit 1.

Feedback is individual, highlighting where marks have been awarded and where marks have been lost. Mark Schemes are also sent to teachers daily.

How to access the programme

* please note that we require all students to remain anonymous to the marking team and thus we request that your IT dept set up one mark up email address for them to use whilst accessing the programme.


Unit 1 Revision

One of the most helpful tools I have ever used. I can't thank the Mark Up team enough for their hard work.



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